Students with the Highest GPAs Should Go to Colleges Free of Charge.

The Increasing Cost of Education

The surging numbers of college applicants, students looking to advance their studies are astonishing. Even community colleges, which admit the largest population of “non-traditional” students, are facing growing demand. It seems that the world’s demand for exceptional talent is growing every day, and people have discovered that the only way of landing a good job is by getting the best education. Since schools have high demand, they use certain research papers for sale techniques to make it even harder for getting admitted, making sure that only the most relevant people get in.

The most apparent strategy utilized in the academic qualification method is academic success. Earn a good GPA, and you are guaranteed to get admitted to the college of your dream. However, there is one thing that diminishes the chances of universities and colleges, achieving a 100% admission rate even with a good GPA. Expense! Learning has become so expensive that it is hard affording the best schools for high GPA students without digging deeper into your pockets. Many students are surviving on loans. What if there was a way of cutting the admission gap by valuing good GPAs? This methodology is not new, as it is what most scholarships are based on. But getting one is a challenging endeavor as one has to prove to the panel that they are in dire need of financial aid – the process is cumbersome. Maybe allowing students that achieve high GPAs free entry to college would suffice. After all, they worked hard for this; why not give them a chance to advance their studies?

High GPA Students Valued High School Years, Free College is a Good Reward

Learning institutions have two classes of people: those with an incentive to perform and those without interest. Where do you fall? Of course, the high GPA student will have a great motivation to learn and applies massive effort to succeed. The opposite is accurate for the non-interested student and would have a low GPA. Why should they then be given an equal opportunity to going to college when they have no interest at all? If they did not value high school classes, how will they value college with a poor GPA? It is simple logic that the system ought to take into consideration. Many high GPA students fail to land college opportunities because of financial difficulty. Since they have an interest in learning and have even proved to be well-endowed in different subjects, giving them a chance to study for free would be incredible.

Incentives to intellectual achievement build the moral value the society has placed on personal motivation and educational excellence. When a student knows that a high GPA is going to give them a college opportunity for free, they will strive to achieve the best. Whoever manages to go to college for free with a high GPA will have earned it. And having made it, they will respect the opportunity.